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A Trust allows one person (or a group of people) to look after someone else’s assets (which could include property, money or investments) for the benefit of another person or group of people.

The person who put the assets into a Trust is called the ‘donor’, and those people who take charge of the assets are called ‘trustees’. The trustees are responsible for looking after the assets in a way that will most benefit the ‘beneficiaries’ who are named in the Trust Deed or Will.

Why set up a Trust?
People may choose to place their assets in a Trust for a variety of reasons:-

When can I set up a Trust?
A trust can either be set up during your lifetime, or you can set out instructions in your Will so that it is established after death.

Are there different types of Trust?
Yes. There are a huge variety of trusts to suit different situations. If you would like advice on which type of trust would best suit you, please contact us today.

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